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Mayoral Candidates Environment + Equity Forum

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

EnviroCollab is a proud supporter of Baltimore Blue+Green+Just and its vision for facilitating a more environmentally and socially equitable future for our city.

Baltimore Blue+Green+Just is hosting a Mayoral Candidates Environment + Equity Forum this coming Monday, February 24th at 6pm at the Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church. It will be moderated by WYPR's Tom Hall and Dr. Sheri Parks. We look forward to participating and hope you will join us!

"Blue+Green+Just is a coalition of organizations and individuals who are advocating for new approaches to address environmental and social justice issues in Baltimore. BBGJ believes that investing in green infrastructure--parks, trees, urban farms, rain gardens and other environmental improvements--can meet regulatory requirements while also encouraging collaboration, enhancing neighborhoods, mitigating the impacts of climate change and improving public health."

Please register for this free event here:

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