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Here's to 5 Years

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Each year as the seasons change from autumn to winter, we celebrate EnviroCollab's anniversary. And this year there are so many milestones to reflect on! Our recently awarded MBE certification with MDOT. Our steady and intentional (and fairly unprecedented-for-a-design-firm) conversion to a worker-owned cooperative. Our continued collaborations on incredibly creative projects with true changemakers.

Five years of....

... building, learning, and growing together.

... serving diverse communities across Baltimore City.

... working on regional landscape architecture and planning projects.

... connecting with mission-aligned organizations, clients, and collaborators.

... innovating in partnership with individuals and teams who prioritize the values of social equity, environmental justice, and cultural sustainability.

We recently took a walk through Cylburn Arboretum to pause from our hectic schedules and be present in a moment of shared reflection. As a firm of community landscape architects, we're just as grateful for all the small moments woven together that create the fabric of who we are. It hasn't always been easy, and it's never been straightforward. But it's always been 100% worth it.

A few of our team members shared the following treasured thoughts in honor of our 5th anniversary:

"It’s special to work as a team of like-minded individuals (especially women!) with similar core values, who aim to encourage and empower each other in our careers and lives. The community-driven design work we do is unique amongst landscape architects, and the extraordinary clients, partners, and community members (especially in Baltimore) with whom we work motivate me daily in our pursuit of environmental justice and quality design."

"EnviroCollab is a collective of brilliant and radically kind designers who strive every day to make the world we live in a better place. It is truly amazing to be able to work at a studio where I know I will be heard, respected, and supported, and where everyone we collaborate with is met with open hearts. It's so easy to create in an environment of shared honesty, trust and genuine enthusiasm. EC is changing the profession toward more compassionate, equitable, design and that's is absolutely exciting to be a part of."

"Above all it's the collaboration--within our team, with community partners, and with other designers and artists--that defines the value of this workplace for me. There is a sense of freedom in focusing on goals of environmental justice and cultural sustainability that are larger than any one of us, and constantly pursuing knowledge and skills to realize this vision. I find that our internal culture of shared creativity, enthusiasm, and curiosity allows us to integrate those practices into project work for and with clients, leading to innovative and sensitive designs."

"EnviroCollab offers a way for me to practice that aligns with my values, both in how we engage with communities, and how we operate internally. I get to work alongside a team of compassionate and creative humans who deeply care about land and people. There is so much joy in co-designing and building community with our collaborators who invite us into their spaces, and whose excitement and investment in their own outdoor spaces makes each project so unique. Also, it’s nice to be surrounded by (mostly) other plant nerds all day."

Thank you to all our friends, family, colleagues, clients, and partners who have supported EnviroCollab over the years. Building community with you has been a complete dream!

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